Tuesday, November 15, 2005 “As soon as one opens a die, it creates a pathway relegation that hurries to fill warns Dubet.

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of Tuesday, November 15, 2005 "As soon as one opens a die, it creates a pathway relegation that hurries to fill warns Dubet. We saw in the past with the fourth and third class technology. The system refused any reforms to teach other students. It is now preparing to get rid of "soberly prognostic sociologist. This passage is from the excellent paper by Bernard Gorce in La Croix on Learning to 14 years. This article focuses on the different reactions to this measure which can already ask if it is applicable. It was on this same theme Davidenkoff Emmanuel wrote in Liberation.en showing well, too, that renunciation is the decision. The other topic of the day, these are the consequences of the speech of the President of the Republic. The school was mentioned in the speech, and then the initiative of "voluntary service" on which many of your papers back Happy reading … —————— —————————- Liberation 15/11/05 A school in the city, passing the plural students A singular Corbeil-Essonnes and Villiers-le-Bel, meetings with teachers PTA who are trying to bring their college students to overcome the collective identity of the area. [...] Monday, October 3, the volume is approaching limits of endurance at the MJC of Evry. College students Leopold Sedar Senghor and Louise-Michel screaming for joy. Their classmates come to give a representation of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme. Amid their hilarious students, Geraldine Obedia and Severine Woimant, professors of French, thirties. In previous years, they have mounted Ridiculous Precious and Twelve Angry Men. As always, a few bullies of the city Tarterets are on stage. During a year of preparation, they have captured the language of Moliere with relish. Abandoning their usual shell, the uniform of the city, they have crept into their costumes, defying the jeers of their friends in a tracksuit. [...] "We try to do what we can recognize these teachers. We try to make them stronger, more confident, so they know to cope in an adult world. It is above all, education. "Read more of the article" Junior Apprentice ", a label for leave college this new industry will introduce a system of alternating from 14 years, but in the school system. [... ] Whatever the final form, "junior learning" sign the back of a policy level at the end of the fifth and the end of the ambition to bring all students to the patent in the same institutions. Read more of the article A five students schooled in ZEP In 1981, the Socialist Alain Savary created the ZEP (priority education zones) with the desire to "give more to those who have less." Twenty-four years later, the conclusion is clear: the State has never particularly with the PTA. Read more of the article A voluntary service offered to all young people This label includes actually existing devices or being created. Read more of the article The idea of ??typing relatives resurfaced portfolio The Family Minister said that the law is in the process of "evaluation". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 15/11/05 raw Lyrics by rioters ‘rage’, on a whim, in a burst of pride or to "like the others", they enlisted in the army the shadow that, for two weeks, has shaken France. In newspapers, it was called the "rioters", "thugs" and "thugs." They simply arrive as young people of Seine-Saint-Denis who, under cover of night, defied the authorities because they were definitely too "hate." Read more of the article Alain Finkielkraut: "The illegitimacy of hate" I am terrified by the violence. Terrified, but not surprised. There were warning signs: booed the Marseillaise during the match between France and Algeria, the students of aggression during a demonstration against the Fillon law. There were alarms books like Emmanuel Brenner, The Lost Territories of the Republic, or the June 2004 report of the Ministry of Education about the signs and manifestations of religious affiliation in some schools in tough neighborhoods . It especially learned that the teaching of history was accused by some students and those who influence them to give a Judeo-Christian view, distorted and biased world. Examples abound, refusal to study the construction of cathedrals or to hear of the existence of pre-Islamic religions, turbulence that inevitably causes the evocation of the war in Algeria or the Middle East. [...] today where the heart of humanism no longer beats for school, but for its incendiary, nobody seems to remember that we will not in class to be hired but to be taught. The first objective of the instruction is the instruction. This, incidentally, is never useless. As the Republic should resume its "lost territories", as the French language must regain talk suburbs, this simplistic jargon, snarling, pathetically hostile to beauty and shade. This is not a sufficient condition for getting a job, but it is a necessary condition. [...] There is much talk of bankruptcy of the republican model of integration. It’s absurd. The republican school is long dead. This is the post-republican model of supersympa educational community and immersed in the social, leaky. Model unfortunately indestructible because it feeds its fiascos. With each failure, it reacts by overbidding. And that’s go again: in defiance of the truth, the French school so tomorrow drown the diversity of slave trade in the ocean of anti-Western self-righteousness. We teach colonization not a terrible and ambiguous historical phenomenon, but as a crime against humanity. Thus do we respond to the challenge of integration by hastening national disintegration. Read more of the article The head of state created the "voluntary service" Yesterday, Jacques Chirac chose the solemn register to learn from this "identity crisis." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 14/11/05 (a day late) "Here, there are guys who have something to say," the appointment is given to the Peter SEMART brewery, not far from the station of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis). "It’s just where it farted" Has it warned. On the blackened and blistered bitumen, the scars of the fire are still present. There are only five days, the city has experienced, like its neighbors in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Sevran or Dugny, a wave of violence that lasted several nights. The instigators of disorders identified: young people. "It’s the little" include those between thirteen and just over twenties specify two "big brothers". Read more of the article invited the semaineAnnick Madec sociologist at the University of Brest. That’s how many days it lasts already what we call events, riots, or just mess? Who knows exactly? Day after day following the succession of events, announcements, decisions? Who, apart from the principal concerned, those who live where it goes, and experts from all sides? Some speak of suburbs, others talk about neighborhoods. I am talking of unpopular neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that no one likes and where lives part of the popular classes. The one who cares, at best, that at worst we would like to see leave the land of his ancestors. We are seeing – that we are not living in unpopular districts – passively to a face-to-face between this part of the popular classes, elected the corner, and this government that wants to fall in line troublemakers. Read more of the article "There is nothing to live his youth" in Toulouse, an event brought together eight hundred people against discrimination. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 15/11/05 (paying) civil Service for 50 000 young Speaking last night to the French, Jacques Chirac – who was very unusual glasses – found that France lived a "profound malaise". "The first necessity, has he said, is to restore public order. "Announcing the creation, from what already exists in part of a voluntary civil service, he stressed:" Discrimination undermines the very foundations of our Republic. »Read more of the article CIVIL SERVICE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS IS" THE "ACTION announced yesterday by Jacques Chirac. The voluntary civil service – which sounds a bit like fire military service with his myth of "social mixing" – aims to help "young people in difficulty to move towards employment Read more of the article —— —————————————— the Cross of 15/11/05 reserves on learning from 14 years the government’s plan to create a learning formula for 14-16 arouses strong reservations in education Read more of the article ——— ————————————— 15/11/05 20 minutes from Chirac created a No voluntary civil service urgently to lift the curfew. The government approved yesterday by the Cabinet a draft law extending the state of emergency for three months on 21 November. The text must be examined today by the National Assembly and tomorrow by the Senate. But the government may suspend the state of emergency before provide homework help
the expiration of three months on simple decree. [...] Read more of the article —————- ——————————— West of France 15/11/05 the city did not make the capsizing Johnny Depret Slimane Lateb Stephane Raumel. A student, a craftsman and an employee. One white, one black and arab, born in the Essonne. All three were successful. They testify and tell their dark years. Read more of the article Chirac: "Respect the law, successful integration" The president spoke last night for about ten minutes on the "serious events" that comes from knowing France. A solemn declaration that addressed each French for law and order, but also fight against the discrimination against children of immigrants. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 15/11/05 "parental authority is key" I mean children neighborhoods, whatever their origins, they are all the son and daughters of the Republic . (…) This is a chance to belong to the French community. (…) But for this singular model continues to live, we can not compromise with certain principles. "Read more of the article 50 000 young people for the" Civil Service "The" voluntary civil service "which would concern 50 000 young people, announced by Jacques Chirac, is a collection of initiatives already implemented, including the ministries of defense and interior. It includes in particular the plan "defense second chance" launched in September and s address to young "school failure and in the process of social marginalization." the objective was to train 6,500 young people in 2006 and 10,000 in 2007. More Article Viewpoint Sharing excellence Students and former students of universities and colleges, we are witnessing a sad reality: France is diverse, its elites are not Open excellence training to social diversity meets three requirements a democratic imperative.. first: ass ure the participation of all the French, even the least privileged, public or entrepreneurial responsibilities. A bond of social cohesion, then: meet the legitimate ambitions of deserving and motivated young people, otherwise we feed the frustrations that partially explain the urban unrest in recent days. A requirement of competitiveness, finally: France can not waive part of its population on the edge of schooling without suffering economically, especially in a context of mass unemployment and fierce international competition. It is therefore urgent to emerge Popular media personalities capable of serving as models Republicans and carry the aspirations of youth. Recent events have shown, republican equality order to apply differential treatment to unequal situations, respecting the merits of each. Read more of the article regular humiliation by Alain Badiou "constantly monitored by the police." Of all the complaints mentioned by the young rebels of the people of this country, the omnipresence of control and arrest in their lives usually, this relentless harassment is the most consistent, most shared. If we really makes account what this grievance? from the dose of humiliation and violence he is? I have an adopted son 16 who is black. Let’s call him Gerard. It is not within the "explanations" sociological and sordid ordinary. His story is set in Paris, simply. Between 31 March 2004 (Gerard did not 15 years) and aujourd ay, I could count the checks in the street Countless there is no other word arrests:.. Six in eighteen months … I called "arrest" one! took him handcuffed to the police, that the insult, which attaches to a bench, remaining there for hours, sometimes one or two days of police custody. For nothing. [...] Read more of the article Why I am against the thugs, by Jeannette Bougrab, lawyer, lecturer at the Sorbonne, member of the High Council for Integration and National Secretary of the UMP J ‘am against vandals because they forget to France the unjust reality that all these millions of silent live daily. I wish that governments stop their disastrous policy towards disadvantaged areas. I dream of an ambitious economic development policy that creates jobs and wealth. I dream that tomorrow the residents of these neighborhoods are considered full citizens before being considered for benefit recipients. For the great drama of recent years has been to emphasize the social to the detriment of policy. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 15/11/05 the main points of the intervention of Chirac key points of the radio-televised speech of President Jacques Chirac on Monday, November 14 urban violence: Read more of the article — ————————————————– —— a selection in dispatches of 15/11/05 the Assembly adopted appropriations of school education for 2006 (58.4 billion) the national Assembly on Monday passed the credits of school education evening for 2006 which amounted to some 58.47 billion euros, an increase "of 3.65% at constant scope" compared to 2005, according to Education Minister Gilles de Robien. [...] a review these credits, scheduled for half an hour, finally lasted more than two hours during which were discussed, right and left, the urban violence of recent weeks. "As stated by the Prime Minister, in this crisis phase of our neighborhoods, we must rebuild and reconstruction in this priority must be given to education," said the Minister of Education. MEPs approved several amendments amending appropriations within the "mission" budget, but without modifying the overall amount foreseen in the original project. They notably adopted a government amendment, reducing staff costs quadratic 40 million to transfer the financing of "100,000 merit scholarships" (15 million), recruitment "of 5,000 positions teaching assistants" in colleges in priority education zones (20 million), and increased support for associations "acting in sensitive neighborhoods" (5 million). Read more of the article Observatory PTA: more resources to the most difficult schools Observatory of priority education zones (OZP) called Tuesday for that "few territories" but "accumulating massive school failure and + + a leak of staff and students "receive more resources, without detriment to other PTA. "A fundamental distinction must be made between the school of neighborhoods, which fall most current PTA and territories accumulating a massive school failure, a leak + + personnel and students and development of social exclusion" said the observatory said in a statement. Read more of the article BEP students explain the violence in a letter to Jacques Chirac Students preparing a bioservices BEP vocational school Valmy Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine) wrote Tuesday in Jacques Chirac for his "explain happening in our country "and urging him to" try to understand. "" If young rebel cities today is to respond to provocations of Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, "these students begin who spent several hours of civic education and French to write this letter, told AFP their teacher Regis Signarbieux. Read more of the article Talking violence on children: they are a challenge for kids to newspapers Why youth "scuffled" with the police several nights in a row? Why have they burned cars, gyms and schools? Children’s newspapers have deciphered the riots in the suburbs despite the simplifications made necessary by the age of their readers. "The hot topics very hard for us, it’s a real challenge," told AFP Pauline Leroy , deputy editor of "dAILY" for 5-6 years and "Small daily", for 7-9 years, edited by Play-tray. The equation was indeed complex: These logs contain very little text, use simple language and address general topics on animals, space, archeology, closer to the concerns of children. Read more of the article Azouz Begag for massive learning Chinese in the slums The Minister for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities Azouz Begag, wished Tuesday a television interview that it "put the package "of learning Chinese in college" slums ". "I think in the slums, where there are colleges in difficulty, (should) injecting massively for two years learning Chinese," said Azouz Begag, during an interview in the Chamber of the national Assembly and broadcast live on France 3. "in the next five years, China will be an essential tool to succeed professionally, said the minister. If you put the package in China, and that young who 15 years now find themselves at the age of 25 years with a perfect command of Chinese, it will have no problem finding a job. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more VousNousIls the site (Section education dispatches AFP) AFP dispatches on lesite Voila.fr the Yahoo News website under the house education teachers teaching the essential coffee Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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