About Brand

For more than half a century of existence of jeans, they are not only comfortable clothing for every day, but also the source of inspiration for famous designers. It is safe to say that cheap work clothes, jeans that have been previously, has now become almost a thing of prime necessity in the modern world.
It is believed that the prehistory of modern jeans started several centuries ago in Europe. The very same word “denim” comes from France. Then sew pants durable fabric used from him, which consisted of wool and silk. The fabric was called «serge deNimes» (denim).

Initially, this material was used only for the production of working clothes for which it was necessary high-strength material. Now denim clothing – this is one of the most popular categories of clothing around the world.

Over the history of denim repeatedly changed the methods and technologies of production of the material itself, but always remained a very important indicator of the quality of the fabric and of the finished product.

The company is a major LIKGASS factory for the production and sale of the collection of men’s clothing made ??of denim.

Collection of the brand hit the elegance, simplicity and ease, a wide variety of fabrics and colors, original accessories and finishes, which indicates the delicate taste and professionalism of designers.

On the concept of brand collections had an impact world fashion trends. The company offers a range of individual and trendy styles, designed with great attention to detail. This is what makes the collection of such original.

Collections LIKGASS valuable for its variety of models of jeans that will please the most demanding customers. Should also focus on successful value for money products.

Buyers who prefer a free style of dress, which combines restraint, creativity and fashion trends, choose jeans company LIKGASS. Stylish and high-quality clothing – is one way to express their position in life and success, so our customers are choosing jeans LIKGASS.

Brand LIKGASS – is a large and varied selection of models, fabrics, colors and accessories. Designers of the company managed to organically combine different styles and images.

LIKGASS collection is a harmonious combination of fashionable novelties, comfort, excellent quality and decent prices.

Clothing the brand is represented in the European and Asian markets.

LIKGASS company is always ready and open for new cooperation. For questions and suggestions on the site has a section “Feedback“, thanks to which in the online mode, you can ask all the questions regarding the procurement and cooperation.